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As well as being a passionate salesperson, I have a keen interest in hiking, particularly upwards. In an effort to share this pleasure, on this page you will find routes up various mountains.

WARNING: This does not constitute advice to carry out the below walks. Some of these are very dangerous and should not be attempted by inexperienced mountain walkers. Proper advice should always be sought and suitable equipment and/or an experienced guide should be taken. The author is providing this for information only and accepts no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of following these directions.

Below are the walks organised by country. I'm gradually adding more, so do check back. I'd love to hear from you so if you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact page.

Key to difficulty ratings:

* - a walk in the park
** - a slight incline and/or uneven under foot
*** - a more serious walk with possible dangerous parts
**** - taxing/difficult and probably steep and dangerous
***** - realistically, if it has 5 stars, I probably regretted starting the walk (well, almost!)

Hikes by country:

Snowdon - the long route ***
Snowdon - up the PYG track and down the Miner's track **
Moel-y-Gest - ** (or optional *** - ****)

Ben Nevis - the tourist route **

Zugspitze (from Ehrwald, Austria, via Gatterl) ****
Zugspitze (from Ehrwald via Wiener-Neustädter-Hütte) *****
Upsspitze **** 

Coming when I've typed up the routes
Wales: Snowdon - Watkins path ****
Wales: Snowdon - Llanberis path **
Wales: Snowdon - Cribb Goch **** and descent to complete the horse shoe *****
England: Great Gable **
France: Pic de Viscos ***

Hiking wish-list!
France: Mont Blanc
Japan: Mount Fuji

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